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Remove melasma in one day

 How to remove melasma in one day

 Melasma and dark spots that appear on the skin of the face are among the problems that many people face, especially women, as many women can suffer from this problem, especially pregnant women, as melasma begins to appear in pregnant women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

Method of removing melasma
Remove melasma in one day

What is melasma:

Melasma: It is one of the skin diseases that occur as a result of hyperpigmentation (increased melanin production).

  • And dearly, it occurs in the faces of dark-skinned women who are frequently exposed to ultraviolet radiation.
  • In most cases, the rash can be symmetrical and continue to develop for a number of years.
  • Where there is not yet a sufficient understanding of the reasons for the formation of melasma on the face completely.
  • Until this moment, science has not been able to know all the factors that can lead to the appearance of melasma.

What are the most common places where melasma appears?

  • Dark spots (melasma) usually begin to appear on the face, hands and arms.
  • Melasma can appear on all parts of your skin when exposed to sunlight.
  • Patients with melasma notice that it increases and spreads during the summer months.

Types of melasma:

There are three types of melasma that affect patients:
  • Melasma in the skin: It is an increase in melanin production in the surface layer of the skin.
  • Melasma in the dermis: This melasma occurs as a result of the cells of the dermis layer swallowing melanin pigment.
  • Mixed melasma: where this melasma affects the epidermis layer and the dermis layer together.
  • The fourth type of melasma is an excess of melanin that is found in dark-skinned people.

Reasons for melasma:

Before getting to know the method of removing melasma in one day, we must know the reasons for the appearance of melasma:

When a pregnant woman:
  • The secretion of the placenta in a pregnant woman leads to more androgens, which leads to the appearance of melasma on the face symmetrically on the cheeks.
  • But mostly after childbirth, with the return of androgen secretion to normal in the body, melasma spots fade and gradually disappear.
  • Taking pregnancy medications and oral contraceptives such as birth control pills.
  • Hormone therapy that can etch an increase in melanin production and cause hyperpigmentation in the skin, which leads to the appearance of dark spots and melasma.
  • Also, some cosmetics can exacerbate the problem and speed up the formation of melasma.

In patients with chronic hepatitis and tuberculosis:
  • There is an increase in the activity of tyrosinase, which leads to an increase in melanin secretion.
  • The ability of the skin to get rid of melanin is also weakened, and the face becomes melasma.
  • Exposure to sunlight, which contains ultraviolet rays, which may be one of the factors causing the appearance and development of melasma.

  • With age, the barrier capacity of the epidermis decreases.
  • Consequently, more fat metabolism occurs due to exposure to more ultraviolet radiation.
  • And there is an increase in melanin production, which leads to the appearance of melasma.

Genetic factor:
  • The genetic factor can play a major role in the appearance of melasma.
  • That is, all people can suffer from the appearance of melasma, but ethnic differences can play a role in increasing it.
  • As people with dark skin are more susceptible than others to melasma.
  • Family history can also increase the risk of some people getting melasma.

How to treat melasma medically?

To get acquainted with the medical treatment of melasma, before getting to know the method of removing melasma in one day, a number of medicines available in pharmacies are usually used, which are given by prescription, as we mention the most important of these medicines available in pharmacies:

  • Hydroquinone.
  • acid alysoc.
  • Arbutin.
  • Retinoids (cosmetics containing vitamin A).
  • Hydroxy acids.
  • Kojic acid.
  • antihistamines

Treatment of melasma using chemical peels :

  • This treatment is done by a specialist, in which a chemical is applied to the skin that may cause it to peel.
  • Here, after treatment, we get smoother, healthier skin with one color.

Treatment of melasma using laser:

  • It is a treatment in which a laser is used, where the patient is locally anesthetized.
  • With the place of carbon treatment painted and waves of intense light pulses on the area to be treated.
  • This treatment process may require several sessions, ranging from 5-8 sessions, but it is the fastest and safest way to get rid of facial melasma.

Ways to remove melasma in one day:

There are several natural ways to remove melasma in one day at home. These methods include recipes for treating melasma that contribute to the treatment of melasma and preserve the freshness of the skin, including:

Potato recipe remove melasma in one day:

  • Here, in this method, a fresh potato is brought in and then divided into two parts.
  • Then a few drops of water are placed on the visible side.
  • Then the affected areas are massaged, then the affected areas are washed with warm water after a quarter of an hour.
  • We also use this recipe 4 times a day for two months to get the best results.

Lemon and honey mixture remove melasma in one day:

It is known that lemon juice lightens the skin, while honey is used as a skin moisturizer.

  • When mixed together, we get an effective combination for the treatment of melasma
  • The juice of one lemon is added to a clean bowl, then a spoonful of original honey is added, then mixed.
  • After that, it is placed on the melasma for 20 minutes, and then the face is washed with lukewarm water.
  • The process is repeated 3 times a week.

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