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Tips to save cooking and food preparation time

Tips to save time while cooking from professional chefs

If you are an employee or working woman, you may need good ideas to reduce the time you are busy cooking and preparing food, so that the issue does not become an additional burden besides your daily burdens.

Tips to save time while cooking from professional chefs
Tips to save cooking and food preparation time

So, through this article, we offer you some tips that help you prepare and prepare your main meals with the least possible effort, while not wasting the time you spend in the kitchen, especially after a stressful day at work, or after returning with the children from school. You will be able to prepare a lot of delicious foods and recipes in the least possible time.

1- Prepare the sauce, onion and garlic:

One of the most time consuming things in the kitchen is preparing tomato sauce and peeling onions and garlic. So prepare certain quantities of tomato sauce over the weekend. Put a chopped onion on the fire with a little oil and wait until it turns yellow, then pour tomato juice with two chopped green peppers. Leave the sauce until it cools down a bit. After that, put the vegetable sauce in glass jars (jars) with a spoonful of oil on top and put it in the refrigerator. You can also add some spices to a hookah or a special box or jar with a mark on it to identify it later. Add thyme and basil to be a sauce for pasta or pizza. You can also add garlic to Koshari sauce in another jar, and so on. You can also make small bags with onions after sautéing them until they wilt with a little oil on the stove, then put them in the refrigerator freezer. Garlic also peel it and chop it finely and put it in an airtight container in the freezer. You can also make cubes of lemon juice by squeezing it and placing it in ice molds by freezing it in the refrigerator.

2- Preparing meat, poultry and fish:

One of the magical ways to save your time in the kitchen is to prepare the main meals and put them in the freezer in the form of dishes wrapped in transparent plastic bags. To be ready to cook. You can season the chicken after cutting it into breasts, then put it in plates. Also, choose the thin slices of meat, cut it into small pieces, and put them in small clean bags. While the fish fillet, you can season it with garlic, lemon and spices and place it in clear plastic bags in the refrigerator in the freezer. Chicken, meat and fish should be in a separate section so that the packages do not mix. Before cooking, take out the meat, chicken or fish a night before and place the bag at the bottom of the refrigerator so that the ice melts naturally. It should also be taken into account not to melt meat or chicken in water so as not to lose vitamins.

3- Sorting vegetables and legumes:

Set aside one day a week and sort vegetables. Cut vegetables such as beans, peas, and carrots and put them in boiling water, then cold water, then a strainer to filter the water, with packing in plastic bags in the refrigerator. You can also cut potatoes and boil them in half-cooked water with the addition of salt and a spoonful of vegetable oil, then put them in clean bags and keep them refrigerator frozen.
Keep soups or leftover meat and chicken broth in clean containers for freezing. You can use it for cooking. As for legumes such as lentils, beans and beans. Sort the legumes in plastic bags and put them in the refrigerator to be ready for use directly.

4- Invest time:

During cooking, prepare more than one item. For example, cook the meat or chicken, while preparing another recipe during this time. Make sure to choose recipes that take longer to cook and start preparing them, so as not to waste time. You can also prepare vegetable salad, fruit salad, or juices to be fresh, and keep them in the refrigerator until serving.
You can also arrange kitchen drawers and cabinets by settling food or even washing dishes and cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. The table can also be prepared in advance, as this greatly reduces the time and reduces the burdens entrusted to you. You can put a spoonful of sugar while cooking the meat, as this helps speed up the ripening.

  5- Use large kitchen tools:

One of the beautiful ideas that helps to cook food and save time in the kitchen is to use large and wide household appliances. For example, use a skillet, griddle, saucepan, or large saucepan. Because you increase the area that is exposed to heat, and thus the food ripening becomes faster. Use a pressure cooker to cook food in less time.
You can also use the electric grill to sauté chicken pane or marinated grilled meat. While cooking, prepare the salad and french fries.
You can use the microwave to boil vegetables and heat food, and also use the kettle to heat rice or pasta water, as this method greatly speeds up cooking and time.

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