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Wide pores treatment for oily skin

 How to treat wide pores for oily skin

Treatment of wide pores for oily skin : Getting rid of facial pores permanently is one of the important topics for many people, especially for those with oily skin, as oily skin suffers from pimples and pimples greatly, especially during adolescence or during periods of changing hormone secretions such as the menstrual cycle in women or the start of pregnancy secretions, as this is accompanied by the appearance of acne.

How to treat wide pores for oily skin
Wide pores treatment for oily skin

In this case, women are looking for effective ways to treat blackheads or pimples that they suffer from, and in today's article, we will present to you the treatment of wide pores for oily skin in the right, natural and proven ways.

What are the causes of wide pores

Before getting acquainted with the treatment of wide pores for oily skin, let us know the reasons for the expansion of pores in oily skin more than others:

  • Genetic factors Genetics play an important role in skin problems and the nature of skin cells, including the inheritance of oily skin.
  • The sebaceous glands in oily skin secrete more sebum than other types of skin, which causes enlarged pores.
  • The skin is thick with hair because the pores are pockets next to the bottom of the hair, and the more hairs, the greater the chance of their abundance.
  • Dry skin leads to the appearance of oily skin pores as well, so it is necessary to maintain moisture in the skin permanently.

Treatment of wide pores for oily skin:

Treating the wide pores of oily skin is very necessary for women, because the pores negatively affect a woman’s outward appearance, and many women wonder how the facial pores go and how can the facial pores of oily skin be closed. Follow with us how to make a mask to close the wide pores of oily skin, which will help you in the treatment of large pores On the face naturally:

Yogurt and honey mask:

If you are looking for a mask for wide pores for oily skin, the yogurt and honey mask is an ideal choice, as the benefits of yogurt for the face are multiple. Honey also helps in purifying the face and clearing it of impurities and fungi that accumulate causing open pores:

Ingredients for the yogurt and honey mask:

  • 1- Option 
  • Two tablespoons of yogurt.
  • a spoonful of honey.

How to get rid of facial pores permanently with a yogurt and honey mask:

  • We put the cucumber in the blender and mash it well, then add the yogurt and honey and mix them with the blender well.
  • After that, we wash the face well, then put the mixture on the face for 20 minutes.
  • Then we wash the face with cold water.
  • It is recommended to use this mask twice a week to get rid of open pores quickly and naturally, and to give the skin freshness and beauty.

Ice cubes for treating large pores of oily skin:

The benefits of ice cubes for the skin and the face are numerous, and the benefits of icing the face help in getting rid of open pores, which pose problems in the appearance of women. The method of using ice cubes is as follows:

  • The water is boiled and two tablespoons of green tea are placed in it, then the tea is filtered and left to cool.
  • Then it is left in the fridge in pots until it freezes well.
  • These cubes are passed on the face twice a day, morning and evening, to get rid of open pores.
  • This mask is done once or twice a week.

Egg and lemon mask to treat enlarged pores naturally:

Lemon is used as a natural exfoliator for the skin to get rid of dead skin cells. Eggs also help restore and strengthen all internal skin cells, which restores balance and helps them get rid of large pores:

Ingredients for the egg and lemon mask:
  • one egg.
  • lemon.

How to prepare an egg and lemon mask to get rid of large pores:

  • Lemon is squeezed and placed with eggs in a blender and stirred well.
  • After that, it is placed on the face after it is well cleaned and left for 10 minutes.
  • Then the pain is rinsed off with lukewarm water.
  • This mask is done twice or thrice a week to get beautiful, glowing skin and moisturize the skin.

Pore treatment from the pharmacy:

The appearance of wide pores, clogged pores, spots, and scars appear as a result of various factors, including sebaceous glands, sunlight, and chemical cosmetics. In the restoration of skin cells and is suitable for all people with different skin.

Bioderma cream:
  • The pores look wide and need medical treatment. You can use Bioderma cream, which is recommended by doctors to treat the wide pores of oily skin.
  • It helps in exfoliating and restoring the skin, restoring freshness and vitality to it, and it can be used with all types of skin.
  • The skin is cleansed and the cream is applied twice a day. It is also recommended to use it before applying makeup because it protects the skin from germs and pollution.

Panthenol cream:
  • One of the ways to treat large pores of oily skin is to use panthenol cream from the pharmacy.
  • It helps in treating the problems of pimples and blackheads, it also narrows the pores and treats various skin problems.

Baby Skin:
  • A moisturizing and healing cream for wide skin pores, as it works to close pores and get rid of their various problems.
  • Helps get rid of black pimples and moisturizes and maintains the skin.

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