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How to prepare custard with chocolate and biscuits

Chocolate custard and biscuits

Chocolate custard with biscuits is the family's favorite dessert after lunch or in the evening because it is quick and easy to prepare and the flavors are very popular. It consists of biscuits, custard and chocolate.

custard with chocolate and biscuits
How to prepare custard with chocolate and biscuits


  •   Plain biscuit
  • To prepare the custard layer:
  •   8 cups of liquid milk
  •   10 tablespoons of custard
  •   12 tablespoons of sugar

To prepare the chocolate layer:

  •   2 tablespoons of custard
  •   2 cups of water
  •   4 tablespoons of sugar
  •   3 tablespoons of cocoa powder
  • To decorate:
  •   Desiccated coconut
  •   Nuts to taste

Preparation steps:

  • We put a glass of milk while it is cold and put it in a bowl and add the custard to it and stir until the custard dissolves in it completely
  • Add the mixture over the rest of the milk, stirring, then add the sugar and stir well.
  • We put the pot on a high to medium heat until the mixture boils and becomes a thick texture, while continuing to stir.
  • Then we put out the fire, put a little custard in a plate, arrange the first layer of biscuits, then cover it with custard.
  • We arrange a second layer of biscuits, then a layer of custard, then a third layer and custard.
  • Set the plate aside while we prepare the chocolate custard layer.
  • We dissolve the cocoa in the water and put it on the fire, and when it heats up, add the sugar, stir, then the custard powder, and keep stirring until the mixture boils and becomes homogeneous.
  • Pour the chocolate mixture over the plate and decorate with coconut or nuts according to taste.
  • We put the dish in the refrigerator for a few hours or a whole night until it cools down, then it is served.


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