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Learn about the benefits and harms of tuna

 Tuna.. a food rich in protein and healthy fats, but one must beware of it

Tuna fish is considered one of the basic healthy foods in many diets because it contains a rich amount of protein and healthy fats. Other than canned tuna, it is not without some negative effects on health, so what are these effects?

Learn about the benefits and harms of tuna
Learn about the benefits and harms of tuna

Like many other types of fish and seafood, tuna is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and this healthy type of fat has a long list of potential benefits.
Studies have shown that dietary consumption of omega-3s can help treat symptoms of depression and improve mood, as well as help slow age-related cognitive decline.
Recent research reports also conclude that omega-3s can help with cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol, which helps reduce blood clots and reduce inflammation.
The American Heart Association recommends eating two servings of fish per week, and to implement this suggestion, canned tuna is the best choice due to its nutritional importance in addition to being cheap and easy to prepare.

But what are the negative aspects of eating canned tuna?

High in sodium:

A possible side effect of eating canned tuna is that most types may be high in sodium. It is also known that consuming too much sodium on a regular basis can lead to high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. It may also lead to bloating and fluid retention.

Fat.. weight gain:

When buying canned tuna, you notice that there are several options, some of which are in water and some in oil. And while the oily varieties have a greater flavor and a more moist texture, they often contain a very large amount of fat for one snack and therefore may lead to weight gain when consumed continuously, according to what was published by the American (Healthline) website.

Mercury poisoning:

A common question people ask when it comes to canned tuna is whether or not there is a risk of mercury poisoning. The answer is yes, as tuna contains different levels of mercury depending on the type. Mercury is considered a neurotoxin that can have serious health side effects if consumed in large quantities. For this reason, it is advised to consume tuna in moderation and in proportion to the person’s health status and age.

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